Woodlawn Chamber of Commerce

About Us

The Woodlawn Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting and supporting business development in order to improve the quality of life of Woodlawn residents. The Chamber is a business advocacy, education and support organization that works in partnership with its members, residents and local officials to increase economic development and competitiveness for the Woodlawn community. We seek business and residential input that informs development that will improve our neighborhood for residents across all socioeconomic levels.

Our Mission

The Woodlawn Chamber of Commerce was formed to build community knowledge, wealth, and well-being through business ownership, employment, business district beautification, non-profit stewardship, and stakeholder research. Woodlawn neighbors, students, organizations, officials, and enterprises will coordinate to identify, evaluate and meet the challenges and opportunities of community and economic revitalization. Through stakeholder input and studies; educational workshops and trainings; new business recruitment and mentoring; employment and resource directories; streetscape, storefront, signage improvements and branding; we will decrease resident unemployment and vacancy blight, increase local and minority-owned businesses, and generally benefit the interest of vibrant life for all in Woodlawn.

Our Board

Charles Campbell
Naomi Davis
Byron Freelon
Paul Thomas
Dave Walker

Our Neighborhood

The Woodlawn Chamber of Commerce operates in the area defined by the northern boundary of 61stStreet, southern boundary of 67th Street, the eastern boundary of Stony Island Avenue, and the western boundary of Martin Luther King Drive.


Membership in the Woodlawn Chamber is open to businesses within our neighborhood. In addition, membership is available to all individuals who support the mission of the Chamber.

Membership is free for businesses located in Woodlawn during our inaugural year 2017.

If you are a business or individual located outside of Woodlawn, contact the Chamber’s board (board@woodlawnchamberchicago.org) to discuss how you can partner with the Chamber in order to develop your business.


Working With Us

If you are a business or service provider and would like to explore ways of working with Woodlawn’s businesses or organizations, we would be happy to talk with you. The Woodlawn Chamber seeks to develop community strength and the economic vitality by partnering with organizations that can help Woodlawn businesses thrive. Please email us at board@woodlawnchamberchicago.org.


July 16, 2017
Woodlawn Food Truck Festival
(joint with Chicago Soulful Bookfair)
More information soon

September 2017
Chamber Fundraising Event

Board Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month. In order to schedule a meeting with the board, send an email to board@woodlawnchamberchicago.org.