Woodlawn Chamber of Commerce Updates

Woodlawn Chamber of Commerce Updates

Job Opening: Program Executive

The Program Executive is a part-time appointment with the Woodlawn Chamber of Commerce. The successful candidate will oversee a limited set operations associated with the Chamber’s activity. The candidate will work closely with area economic development communities and other staff to promote the business and economic development interests of the Woodlawn area. The applicant will be responsible for implementing initiatives of the board of directors. These initiatives will be clearly defined by the following areas: liason with governmental agencies, outreach to business in the Chamber’s region of operation, managing the Business Help Desk. The Program Executive will be report on outreach efforts to businesses and the performance outcomes of the Business Help Desk. Typically, the Program Executive reports to the board chairman of the Board and/or President. Additionally, he/she can receive guidance from the Board through the executive committee.

Responsibilities of the Program Executive:

Typical duties and responsibilities required of a part-time Program Executive are listed below. Other duties may be assigned based on consultation and agreement between the Board of Directors and the Program Executive, but the essential responsibilities are

  • Manages staff and volunteers working in the Small Business Help Desk
  • Participates in meetings with the City of Chicago, State and regional agencies devoted to business and economic development as per directions of the Board of Directors.
  • Attends organizational goal setting and fundraising meetings.
  • Acts as a spokesperson and liaison for the Chamber of Commerce with other groups or organizations and individuals on subject matter as per directions of the Board of Directors.
  • The Program Executive will typically be involved in organization goal setting and fundraising

The Program Executive is responsible for periodic reporting to the Board of Directors about the development, implementation and accomplishments of outreach efforts to businesses and the services provided by the Small Business Help Desk.

Individuals that are eligible for the Program Executive position must demonstrate the ability to perform these duties through a combination of past work experience, education and professional references.

To apply please complete the online application and provide three letters of recommendation by Dec 2, 2020.

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